Vibe Check Message 11/18

Vibe Check Message:  **I've decided to try something new this week and moving forward.  Hope you like it!**  This week you have a lot of negative energy around you that needs to be cleared.  You have been carrying a lot of people's burdens on you, stresses and cares and it has been affecting you.  You are needing to clear that energy so that your aura can glow again.  If you have been feeling burnt out, agitated/irritated, sad and you have no reason to be, this is because you are holding on to energy that is not yours.  Time to be like Elsa and LET IT GO!  You are needing to stay positive as good things want to come to you but has all this negativity and walls blocking it.  You can clear your energy field by meditating, working with crystals, asking your angels/guides for help and using tools like sage as well.  Notice how you feel this week once you work on removing this energy!!!

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