Daily Love Message 9/9

Daily Love Message:  Your soulmate is nearby you.  For some of you, the first person you thought of when you saw the soulmate card is your confirmation again that this person is your soulmate.  This card has come up 3 times in 7 daysmeaning that Spirit is trying to drive home that you are dealing with a soulmate and you have been refusing to see it.  They are saying to give this person a chance or at least understand the reason why you are so drawn to this person is because they are meant to be in your life.  They are here to help you grow and understand yourself better.  For others, this is saying that your soulmate is coming.  They are having a few bumps along the way but this is confirmation to let you know they are on their way even though it seems like they are taking forever.  You have to trust that they will be by your side.  They had healing to do just like you but they will be there.  MESSAGE:  YOUR SOULMATE IS PERSISTENT AND WILL BE THERE FOR YOU!


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