Daily Love Message 9/8

Daily Love Message:  Right now, you don't know what is fully going on so don't overreact to things at this time.  It's easy to react to something we don't know the whole story of just because of what we are seeing at the present time.  For some of you, there is someone who likes you but isn't showing it because they are scared of getting hurt or they are in another relationship and confuse.  Spirit is saying what is meant to be will be so they need to figure out their stuff before they can come back to you.  They are saying to use your heart and trust your intuition.  They are not saying to try and be a third party to them, but to know that your intuition is correct and they do care but can't come to you at this time.  For others, this is saying that someone is very busy and this is why they have not talk to you, it's not because you did anything wrong or they are trying to avoid you.  Give them some time and they will come forward and tell you what is truly going on.  MESSAGE:  DON'T JUST ASSUME, LISTEN WITH YOUR HEART!


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