Daily Love Message 9/7

Daily Love Message:  Your luck is changing when it comes to love.  Doors are starting to open.  People are coming into your life.  You are finally starting to bring your manifestations into the 3D.  You have been praying, visualizing, and trusting that what you want is going to be brought to you.  They are saying to not second guess yourself as this is what you have been wanting all this time.  For others, things seem like they are getting worse in love.  They are saying this is not a punishment but to open your eyes and see that something is not good for you and that you keep trying to hold on to it.  You need to trust your intuition and let go of the roses colored glasses.  You know it's time to let go or walk away from a situation but it is hard.  Just give yourself time to heal once you do what you need to do.  MESSAGE:  YOUR LUCK IS CHANGING!


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