Daily Love Message 9/29

Daily Love Message:  Today, you are needing to focus on yourself.  You have been depending on someone else to give you love and yet you don't give yourself the love that you truly deserve.  It's hard when you don't want to be alone and you see other couples around and you're wanting to have what they have.  You are needing to remember that you have to value yourself in order to be able to attract the kind of love you need and deserve.  Once you start to truly love yourself, you won't just settle with any ole body.  For those in connections, this is saying to make time for yourself.  Sometimes we need a break from our partner to really remember who we are and we don't get wrapped up in someone and forget.  You need to know that even if you weren't with this person, you would be able to do things on your own and don't become to dependent on them.  MESSAGE:  SPEND SOME TIME LOVING ON YOU!


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