Daily Love Message 9/25

Daily Love Message:  Get ready, someone is coming back to your life that you thought was gone.  For some of you, they are ready to give you the closure that you have been waiting on.  They finally need to tell you what they have been thinking or giving you the conversation that was suppose to take place but instead they ran away.  Some are looking for forgiveness as they can't move on without it.  Others are looking for a second chance and are wanting to be in your life.  It's up to you if you want to give this person another chance or move forward.  You have to trust that you have grown as a person as well and are willing to hear what they have to say.  For those that are in connections/relationships, you are getting back the person that you have missed.  They realized they haven't been the same person and have been working on themselves to get back to who they are or to a better version of what they were.  You see that they are actually working on themselves so you want to work things out with them or thankful that they are.  MESSAGE:  SOMEONE IS COMING BACK!


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