Daily Love Message 9/23

Daily Love Message:  Love is all around.  Today for some of you, you just feel like you aren't loved or the one that you want doesn't love you.  Spirit is saying to stop focusing on what you don't have and focus on what you do have.  You always have someone that loves you and want to be there for you.  You have been so focused on not getting the specific kind of love that you want, you aren't seeing the people that are around you trying to give you love.  Yes, we all want romantic love all the time but sometimes, you just need to focus on love.  Know that someone out there truly cares about you and believes in you.  Your time will come to have what you are wanting but don't forget that you need other love as well such as family, friends and most importantly, self-love.  MESSAGE:  DON'T FORGET THAT LOVE IS ALL AROUND YOU TODAY!


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