Daily Love Message 9/21/20

Daily Love Message:  Today, you are needing to have faith in your love life.  For some of you, you have waited for your partner for so long, or waiting to be in a relationship that you are just ready to give up.  You're so tired of holding out hope that someone will come your way.  As I tell everyone, there can be various factors as to why your partner has not come yet.  They could be holding on to a karmic relationship that they need to let go of, they could be working on healing themselves at this time and so forth.  Trust that they are coming to you but in the meantime, focus on yourself at this time.  Take care of what you need to do and they will come forward to you.  For others, this is all about having faith that you and someone that you care about will be together.  Things may look rough right now, but trust that things will work out.  Even if you are in a connection, this is talking about having faith that you will get what you want whether it's a higher commitment, baby or more, it is yours so don't lose hope.  MESSAGE:  YOU NEED TO HAVE FAITH!


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