Daily Love Message 9/2

Daily Love Message:  Today is all about love.  This is about showing love not only to others but yourself today.  You have been giving it others but neglecting yourself and today you need to give yourself a big hug.  Also, stop putting yourself into situations that no longer serve you.  Where someone doesn't believe in your worth or value, and think of you as just an object, not a true person.  Also, for some of you, there is someone around you that needs you to show them some love today.  They are fighting an inner battle they don't want anyone to know about.  Do something kind of them and show them a random act of kindness today.  Reach out and touch somebody's hand is playing in my head so it's saying by doing so, you will truly make this person's world a better place.  MESSAGE:  SHOW LOTS OF LOVE TODAY!


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