Daily Love Message 9/18

Daily Love Message:  Today, you're being asked to let Spirit guide you when it comes to love.  So many times we want to do things our way and not knowing there is a better way to handle things.  When we try to do it ourselves, we may get so excited that the wrong words come out or that someone doesn't truly understand our intentions.  Today you're being asked to let Spirit lead you or give you signs.  Example if you want to talk to someone and you keep feeling this urge to hold back, this is Spirit saying to wait for another time.  They could be going through something at this time and are not in a listening mood especially when it comes to love.  You will be given signs on what you should do.  This could be you thinking of a situation and a song comes on that answers the question you were thinking of.  Or someone just randomly comes by and talks to you about what you had on your mind.  This is not random as Spirit is trying to help you as they want what's best for you or things for your highest good.  MESSAGE:  LET SPIRIT GUIDE YOU WHERE YOU NEED TO BE FOR LOVE TODAY!


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