Daily Love Message 8/27

Daily Love Message:  Your soulmate could be right under your nose and you don't even know it.  For some of you, you are in the presence of your soulmate but you wouldn't know it because they don't fit the specific type that you date.  You may think that they are handsome/beautiful but maybe they don't believe in the same things as you, they don't look like the type that you are usually attracted to but you feel some kind of pull towards them.  Spirit is saying you need to explore and see what is out there.  Sometimes what we want doesn't come wrapped the way we want it.   For my ones that are in relationships/connections, keep an open mind on someone's way of doing things today.  We all have one way to skin a cat (don't go skinning cats) so they are saying to really look at someone's perspective today because your way is not always the right way in situations.  MESSAGE:  KEEP AN OPEN MIND!


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