Daily Love Message 6/27

Daily Love Message: Someone is realizing how they took you for granted and they don't think they can get you back. For some of you, this person pretty much used you whether that was intentional or unintentional. They thought that you would always be around and that they could just do whatever they wanted. They could've wanted you before but thought thought they still could play around with other people until they were ready to be with you but you cut that short and walked away. Now they are seeing you are not playing their games and they are sad by this. This is causing them to think what to do next. To try and let you know how they truly feel and pray you will give them another chance or is it truly over. For others, your person may look happy with being "single" and dating others but they aren't because they are missing you. MESSAGE: SOMEONE REGRETS WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO YOU.


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