Daily Love Message 6/21

Daily Love Message: Someone is ready to take a chance on this connection. For some of you, someone has been waiting for the oppurtunity or chance to tell you how they feel about you. They were scared about how you would feel about the but the more they wait, the more they are scared that something will happen and they won't have that chance with you. Trust in the signs that are given to you today and know that you are worthy of true love and this person will make their move. It can be hard to "wait" on something but it's even harder when you miss the opportunity. For others that are in connections, this is saying that you are ready to go the extra mile with your person. Whether it is to have a child, buy a house but it's about having a higher level of commitment with your partner. This is a sign that you are ready for more! MESSAGE: YOU OR SOMEONE IS READY TO TAKE A CHANCE!


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