Daily Love Message 6/16

Daily Love Message: Someone is afraid of love. For some of you, you are dealing with someone that has been burned by love and is scared to take another chance. They truly care about you and they want to be with you, but it’s this fear of being hurt that stops them. At this time, you have to let them work on their healing or else you will be in this back and forth with this person. They have to learn that you are not like the person that hurt them. If they can’t see that, then they aren’t ready to be with you. Also, for others some of you are wanting a higher commitment from your person but they are unable to give it to you at this time. So, you’re being asked to be patient with them as they are trying to work things out but I’m not saying be a fool either. You have a choice to either wait till they can heal and make that commitment or walk away and find someone who will. You always have a choice ie free will. MESSAGE: BEWARE SOMEONE IS SCARED OF LOVE.


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