Daily Love Message 6/15

Daily Love Message: It’s time to let your ex go. For some of you, you are spending more time talking to your ex than the person you are with. You feel as if you owe them something or that they need your help. This person had a part in your healing and you are not letting them go. They are like a security blanket to you and Spirit is saying it’s time to let go. Sometimes the devil you know is easier than the devil you don’t, so it’s time to let go or you will never grow. For others, you are holding on to what an ex has done to you in the past and you’re holding it against anyone who is trying to come into your life. Spirit is saying if you want to be with someone, you have to heal the past including letting go of those grudges because it’s causing your ex to stay in your head rent free. MESSAGE: TIME TO LET GO OF YOUR EX.


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