Daily Love Message 6/1

Daily Love Message: Welcome to June. Ok, so someone is really attracted to you and can't stop looking at your pictures. For some of you, there is someone stalking your social media and looking at your pictures and ummm let's just say having some happy time if you know what I mean. They are really attracted to you and instead of telling you how they feel, they are fantasizing about you. So, if you start to feel flush and don't know why, you maybe connecting with the person at that time. For my couples, this is saying that your partner is still fantazing about you even if you think that they aren't. They still desire and want you so you don't ever have to worry about that in your connection. Just need to find time to reconnect due to all the stress and craziness that is going on in your world. MESSAGE: THERE IS SOME LUSTY THOUGHTS GOING ON!


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