Daily Love Message 5/3

Daily Love Message: Ok, I'm getting mixed messages today. For some of you, you are upset that your soulmate or twinflame partner is with someone else at this time and you are staying fixated on this instead of focusing on yourself. I know it's hard when you can feel in your soul or gut that this person is meant for you but there are times where our divine partners have to work on karmic issues that we just can't help with but someone else can. The best thing to do is to do YOUR healing working and spiritual work and when the divine timing is right, they will come back to you. For others, I'm feeling someone is seeing you talking to someone else and they don't know if they should shoot their shot, the first person you thought of when you read that is the person that it's meant for. For my couples, someone is jealous of you both being together. MESSAGE: SOMEONE ISN'T HAPPY ABOUT A COUPLE.


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