Daily Love Message 5/26

Daily Love Message: Watch out for your dreams to see what is going on in your love life. For some of you, you are getting dreams of your person and this is because they are dreaming about you as well. Spirit is saying that even though you may not be together physically, your person still thinks of you but they may be in a third party situation or they may just need to do some healing work before they come to you. So, don't be alarmed if you see them in your dreams. Then for others, this is saying that the person of your dreams is either in your life or is coming to you shortly. This person is what you dreamed and prayed about. So, keep an open mind as they may not look exactly the way you want them too but know you will feel this connection that will amaze you and trust in that feeling of excitement. MESSAGE: DREAMS ARE LEADING YOUR LOVE LIFE!


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