Daily Love Message 5/19

Daily Love Message: Someone has some options when it comes to love. For some people, I feel that you finally have options when it comes to love and it’s hard for you to pick just one. Spirit is saying that you have to trust your intuition on who is the right one for you. Ask them for help if is confusing or giving you anxiety. For others, you are stuck in a third party situation and your person is decision who are they going to go with. Now, of course a lot of us would want to say don’t even go back to the person that left you but we have to understand we don’t know other people’s paths and the lessons that they are meant to learn with the other person. What doesn’t make sense to us, makes sense to someone else. So, don’t rush into anything is what I’m hearing and again, ask your guides for help on what to do about this situations. MESSAGE: THERE ARE OPTIONS WHEN IT COMES TO LOVE.


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