Daily Love Message 4/26

Daily Love Message: So, someone is realizing that there ego was standing in the way of this connection. Either you or this person, may have let your fears get the best of you and ran away and now someone is realizing that this is wrong. For some of you, this person had to do some healing. Try to get out of their head. Now that they are realizing what they are doing wrong, they are now wanting to make things right. So, you do have a choice in the matter because this person will let you know what is going on with you. You can either let them go or try to work with them. So, Spirit is saying to at least hear this person out. Truly listen to what they have to say and then you can make your choice and you will feel better about it because you won’t linger with what ifs. MESSAGE: SOMEONE’S EGO GOT THE BEST OF THEM AND THEY WANT TO MAKE IT RIGHT.


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