Daily Love Message 3/17

Daily Love Message: Happy St. Patrick’s Day for those that celebrate it! Today your person is needing make a choice whether it’s between you or another person or you and an addiction. Now, for some of you, there is a toxic third party situation that your person is in and they have to decide if they want to get out of it and try to work things out with you or will they continue to be the other connection. You need to keep focusing on you and if it’s meant to be, things will work out. For others, someone is so focused on something at this time that they are ignoring you and this isn’t sitting right. You need to let the person know how you are feeling instead of holding it in and then how they respond decide if you are going to keep accepting this behavior or keep it moving. MESSAGE: SOMEONE NEEDS TO MAKE A CHOICE.

CARDS USED: French Vintage Stamp Love Oracle By Kelly Isara

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