Daily Love Message 2/3

Daily Love Message: You are about to get some evidence that you have been waiting for you. For some of you, you have been wondering if your person likes you are not. Well, you are going to get some strong evidence that this person is attracted to you or they don’t. This could be confirmation through a friend, them actually coming up telling you but I’m also hearing something you find in writing. So, whatever the outcome maybe with this, know that you’re amazing and a boss. So, if they like you, keep being you and if they don’t two tears in a bucket, f*ck it and move on to someone who is going to want you for you. For those in connections, you have been checking for evidence that your person has not be faithful. Now, they are saying when you find this evidence, don’t just jump to conclusions but truly find out if it’s true. Not just run with it. MESSAGE: YOU ARE GOING TO GET THE EVIDENCE THAT YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR SOON.


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