Daily Love Message 2/1

Daily Love Message: HAPPY FEBRUARY! It’s time for you to have some fun in love. You have been so serious about it, you have been in a rut. That’s because you are not letting the energy run free, you’re holding on to tight to it. It’s time to let go, let your hair down and just have some fun. Plus, your person can tell you are a little tense and you could be feeling that way about them. So, when you both start letting your guard down, you will see how much fun the other person really is and it will move things along a lot better. For those in a connection, it’s time for the both of you to loosen up. You both have been grouchy and this is because ya’ll are being too serious. Have some fun, it’ll help things or that icky feeling around you guys. MESSAGE: TIME TO HAVE SOME FUN!


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