Daily Love Message 2/1

DAILY LOVE MESSAGE: HAPPY FEB. 1ST! Today is all about remembering love! Remembering the good times that it has brought you, the lessons that it taught you and so forth. Yes, some of the lessons hasn't been all rainbows and sunshine but it taught you about your worth. How to stand up for yourself. It taught you how to spot when someone is not genuine or real with you. For some of you, you have all but given up on love but you have to start having love for yourself. Know that you will be in a relationship one day but you don't have settle or lower your standards into getting one. For those in a relationship, you have to remember that in good times be in happy, in challenging times learn what you can and make sure that your foundations are in tact. Love is a wonderful teacher so hear the lessons that it is telling you. MESSSAGE: REMEMBER LOVE!


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