Daily Love Message 12/21

Daily Love Message: Someone is feeling the pain of you not being with them at this time. As the holiday season comes near, we are reminded of the loves that we have lost or those that we have hurt. We tend to reminisce of the good times we have had with others. We want forgiveness for the things we've done or to talk and explain our side of things to someone at this time. For some of you, someone is wanting to come back to talk to you but they are scared that it's to late. Either you have moved on or you won't hear what they want to tell you. For others, there is sadness because someone realizes they made a mistake and they want to make it right. Whatever is your situation, know that it's never to late. Even if you tell someone how you feel and they don't accept it, atleast you did your part and got things off your chest. You let them make the choice of what they want to do and you can work on healing from this situation as you aren't holding on to it anymore. MESSAGE: THERE IS SADNESS HERE SO WORK ON HEALING IT!


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