Daily Love Message 12/14

Daily Love Message:  You are asked today to listen to your heart, not with your head.  Someone is acting weird or they aren't being true to their feelings for you.  Spirit is saying to truly listen to your heart what this person isn't saying but what you can feel for them.  Some people don't admit how they feel do to fear of rejection, they self sabotage because they don't feel like they are good enough for the connection or they just don't think that they are strong enough to stand up to people that may view the connection is not a good thing.  Whatever your situation is, listen to what your heart is telling you.  For others, someone said some nasty things that hurt but it's almost they are in a "I must be cruel to be kind." attitude because this could be someone that is used to pushing people away and feel they have to push you away.  Listen to what is not being sad.  This could be something that seems very sudden.  Sometimes when people are going through stress or hurtful situations, they act out against the people they love.  So, even though their words hurt, listen to to your intuition to figure out why they are acting the way they are acting.  MESSAGE:  LISTEN WITH YOUR HEART!


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