Daily Love Message 12/10

Daily Love Message:  Either you or someone that you are romantically connected to is needing to make a choice when it comes to love.  For some of you, there is a person that truly cares for you but they are in a rock and a hard place.  They could be a relationship where they know they need to end it but they are scared of the changes.  Yes, you don’t want to be a second thought but this person didn’t expect to have feelings for you and they ran away from someone that could make them truly happy.  Now they are realizing they made a mistake and are wanting to reach out to you as well to make sure they don’t truly lose you as they fear they already have.  For others, this is someone needing to choose between you or an addiction at this moment.  They have been focusing on other things and not on you and you’re getting frustrated and ready to go.  Some of you have already gave an ultimatum and just waiting for their decision.  Just know that you deserve true love and this person will either get their act together or make a different choice and your guides will lead you to something better.   MESSAGE:  THERE IS A CHOICE THAT NEEDS TO BE MADE!


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