Daily Love Message 12/09

Daily Love Message: Someone is being hard to figure out and it’s bugging the mess out of you. One minute you think that it’s over and you’re ready to move forward, and then they do something to give you hope. You are not crazy. This person is in their head about this connection. Whether they want to take a leap of faith with you or just to let it go. Just like you, they are in mental torment but the difference is, they have the power to stop it. So, until they can get their stuff figured out, you focus on getting your life in order and keep doing you. Spirit does 1 of 2 things. Either they will send signs to this person until they finally listen and make contact with you or they will guide you to something so much better. They are not blind to your sadness or confusion, but we have free will so until we ask for help, they will jump in. Now, they can manipulate things around to make things happen but at the end of thee day, we have to choose to continue to follow or not. MESSAGE: SOMEONE IS CONFUSING AND NEED TO BE CLEAR.


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