Daily Love Message 12/03

Daily Love Message: So, someone is needing to let go of an ex or let go of that ex energy. For some of you, you’re having a hard time letting love in because you’re holding on to how your last person treated you. Don’t punish someone for things they didn’t do. This person wants to show you love and give you love, but you have to let down those walls and be open to them. It’s hard to be vulnerable but if you don’t, you could be losing out on something amazing. For others, this is about your ex trying to come back in and you need to know if you truly want this person to be in your life or not. They are going to try and show you that they have changed but you need to use your discernment when it comes to this. People can only wear masks for so long before they truly show you who they are. MESSAGE: WATCH OUT FOR YOUR EX.


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