Daily Love Message 11/5

Daily Love Message:  Today's message is to tell you to keep the faith that your true love is out there for you.  For some of you, your true love is right in front of your nose but you can't see it because you are letting past fears and hurts cloud your sight.  Take a step back and start to work on healing from that pain.  You can't let your past hold you back from something that can be truly wonderful if you let it.  For others, you are needing confirmation that this person is for you and to trust your heart.  Lol, your heart may have lead you to some crazy places but that was all learning lessons and to know what it is that you want in relationships and what you don't want.  You need to know that love isn't something you can just run into eyes wide shut.  Yes, people do it but not a lot of them can make it successful in doing so.  You need to show yourself that you are worthy of having the true love you need and deserve.  MESSAGE:  TRUE LOVE IS AROUND YOU SO RECOGNIZE IT!


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