Daily Love Message 11/27

Daily Love Message:  Today, you're being asked to look at how you view romantic love and what you do that causes good and bad things to happen.  For some of you, you keep wondering why you are attracting the wrong type of person or why you are getting people that ignore you or don't talk to you.  You are needing today to really look at what are you thinking when trying to manifest people into your life.  What patterns do you have that cause you to keep attracting people that you don't want.  You are wanting the right kind of love to come your way so you need to see what is causing this.  Are you trying to attract someone to complete you?  Someone who always needs help?  Someone you need to take care of?  Then you get people that want to use you and not someone that you can build and grow with.  If you are in a connection, you are being asked to look at what upsets you and work on making it better or if things are happy what can you do to keep that going.  MESSAGE:  LOOK INTO WHY YOU DO ATTRACT CERTAIN TYPES OF RELATIONSHIPS!


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