Daily Love Message 11/23/20

Daily Love Message: Today you are being asked to look how far you have come when it comes to love. For some of you, you are frustrated about not having someone or not being in a romantic relationship but you are not seeing how much you have learned from past relationships. You aren't seeing the person that you have grown into. The one who will not be used and abused. The person who will speak up when something is wrong. Trust that this is part of your journey and when the time is right (divine timing), a connection will come to you and you will have more things to learn and grow from. For those that are in connections, you are to see how far you both have come from. Yes, you have had struggles and pains but they have only made this connection stronger and reconfirm the foundations that you have with each other. Trusting that when things try to come to knock you off of balance, you both are strong to handle it all. MESSAGE: LOOK AT THE PROGRESS YOU HAVE MADE!


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