Daily Love Message 11/2

Daily Love Message:  Separation plays a big part of things today when it comes to love.  For some of you, you are away from the one that you really care about.  You are wanting to tell them how you feel but at this time, Spirit is saying that it's not right as they are not ready to hear what you have to say.  You could be upset by this as you are thinking if they love you, they will listen but sometimes anger makes the heart hard and the ears closed off.  Some of you can be just physically away from your love at this time due to a business trip or something that they have to take care of.  Know that when they come back, they will be so happy to see you.   For others, there is a message to watch out for others that claim they are your friend all the while trying to mess up your relationship.  They are saying to trust your intuition and if something feels off to you, MESSAGE:  BE CAREFUL OF OTHERS AND SEPARATION IS UPON US!


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