Daily Love Message 11/12

Daily Love Message:  There is someone around you that likes you but doesn't want to tell you for fear of rejection.  What how people are around you today.  This could be very telling.  For some of you, you are needing to actually like yourself.  You have been so hard on yourself for past decisions  when it comes to love that you haven't forgiven yourself for them.  It's time to work on your healing and let those negative thoughts go so you can move forward and

find love in your life.  For others that are in connections, this is saying to have some fun with your partner today.  Flirt and create a fun atmosphere between the both of you.  Right now, the energies have been kinda wonky so they are saying to do something fun and exciting at this time to spice things up.  MESSAGE:  HAVE SOME FUN TODAY AND LIKE YOURSELF!


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