Daily Love Message 11/10

Daily Love Message:  Soon, you are going to find out some truths when it comes to your love life.  For some of you, you are going to find out that someone actually have feelings for you that you didn't expect.  You thought they just saw you as a friend and you didn't realize that they wanted something more.  They are saying to hear this person out as this has been a long time coming.  For others, this is saying that you are needing to decide what you want to do with someone in your life.  Do you want to work on your connection or do you want to let them go.  You have been going back and forth and it hasn't helped at this time.  You have felt so confused and you are just needing clarity.  You will be getting this soon so you will know what to do and you won't feel this confusion anymore.  If you are single, this is telling me that soon someone will also walk in your life and they are saying to give others a chance.  MESSAGE:  SOON YOUR LOVE LIFE WILL REVEAL SOME TRUTHS.


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