Daily Love Message 11/03

Daily Love Message:  Someone is doing some gossiping behind your back or they know more than they are telling you.  For some of you, there is a jealous person around you spreading gossip or telling people things that aren't true about you.  This is because they are involved with your person or have feelings for them and they don't want to see them with anyone else but you.  Just know that what's done in the dark always comes to the light and you will see these people for who they truly are.  For others, there is a friend who was sworn to secrecy from a person to tell you that they care about you.  This person wants the person to be honest and tell you but the person is scared you are going to reject them.  The friend may say things in passing to gauge where you mind is at about this person.  Pay attention to what they say and how they act when they talk about a certain person.  MESSAGE:  THERE ARE SECRET WHISPERS GOING AROUND.


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