Daily Love Message 10/28

Daily Love Message:  Today is about giving the love to someone including yourself.  Sometimes we forget the most important person to give love to as we are always willing to give love outside ourselves.  Today, do something special for yourself.  What will make you happy, fill you with joy??  You need to give yourself flowers, hugs, praise and so much more than what you are doing now.  When you start to truly love yourself, what how you start to attract others that want to do the same.  Self love shows others how to love you and to make yourself happy.  For some of you, you are needing to show someone some unconditional love to others today.  Let people know that they are truly loved and cared for.  Some of you are needing to have faith that you are loved and loveable.  You are thinking that if you don't have romantic love in your life, then you are not worthy of love.  Change up your thoughts and know you are truly worthy of love.  MESSAGE:  SHOW NOT ONLY OTHERS BUT YOURSELF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE TODAY!


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