Daily Love Message 10/27

Daily Love Message:  Today, you're being asked to have faith that romantic love is going to come your way.  A lot of people feel frustrated that they are not in a relationship or the certain person they want is not with them at this time.  Everything happens for a reason.  The person you are meant to connect with could be working on healing issues at this time and just can't get to you.  They are saying not to give up on your dream of love.  Sometimes a dream takes patience for it to manifest.  Just because it's not here now doesn't mean it's not going to happen.  Patience is not our strong suit but when things are meant to be, they will work out the way they are meant to.  Those that are in a connection, don't give up on your partnership at this time.  You are wanting something more than your partner can offer at this time.  Have faith that they will get on your level but for right now, they have things they are going through at this time that tis important to them.  MESSAGE:  HAVE FAITH IN YOUR LOVE LIFE!


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