Daily Love Message 10/26

Daily Love Message:  It's time to really start working on a plan when it comes to how you're going to express your love to someone.  For some of you, you have been having these feelings for someone for awhile but you don't know how you will let the other person know about them.  Spirit is saying that you need to start rehearsing the words or start figuring out how you are going to tell them.  It's been eating away at you how you feel about this person and they are saying now is the time to start to get your plan in action.  This will help you also getting up the courage to finally tell them how you are feeling.  With those in a connection, Spirit is saying you need to show someone what they truly mean to you.  For reasons, you haven't been showing them that they are special to you and Spirit is saying now is the time to get on it.  Show someone today how special they are and that you are so thankful you are to have them in your life.  You will see how much they needed to see and hear that from you today.  MESSAGE:  TIME TO BE CREATIVE WHEN IT COMES TO LOVE!


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