Daily Love Message 10/23

Daily Love Message:  You are needing to have more patience when it comes to a connection or having romantic love in your life.  For some of you, you are tired of waiting for someone to reach out to you or to start a conversation that needs to be had.  You are needing to give this person some time as they are trying to figure out some things in their life whether it if finances, other connections or just their feelings for you.  They could be dealing with self esteem issues even though they look like they have it all together.  You need to give this space and let them come to you on their own time.  Now, during this time you don't have to "wait" on them.  Live your life, do what you need to do in your life and trust that if they are meant to be in your life, then they will be in your life.  For connections, this is saying to trust that what you want is going to happen but it's still needing more time behind the scenes to come your way.  So, you are needing to have faith that what you are wanting for this connection will happen.  Give yourself peace and trust in your divine team.  MESSAGE:  HAVE PATIENCE AT THIS TIME!


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