Daily Love Message 10/20

Daily Love Message:  Right now you are needing healing from relationships and people when it comes to love.  In order to attract love towards you, you need to make sure that you have love for yourself.  A lot of times people can attract the wrong type of relationship due to being lonely or attracting what they don't want because they didn't take the time to heal from it.  Today is about truly looking at what is no longer for your highest good.  Asking yourself why are you attracting certain people that hurt you or use you.  What is your relationship pattern that you need to work on at this time.  Some of you are needing to take time from someone that has broken your heart.  You have been avoiding it at this time but you are needing to truly look at these triggers before trying to get back into a relationship.  For others, you are needing to identify if you are in a toxic relationship or what is needed to make your relationship stronger at this time.  People are avoiding things and in this Mercury Retrograde it's truly making you look at and review on things in your love life.  MESSAGE:  IT'S TIME TO HEAL!


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