Daily Love Message 10/19

Daily Love Message:  Are you scared to tell someone how you feel?  Today is saying that this person maybe feeling the same way that you are at this time.  You both care for each other but is scared of the other person rejecting them.  Spirit is saying to just go slow and test the waters.  Don't just dive right in.  For those in a connection, this is saying that you need to let your partner know how you are feeling about them. At this time, they feel that you don't care about them or this could be you having these feelings.   The only way things can be hashed out or worked on is to talk or communicate about issues that are going on at this time.  So, whether you are in a connection with someone or you are single, you need to speak your truth about love.  Don't have a life of regrets.  MESSAGE:  SPEAK YOUR TRUTH ON LOVE.


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