Daily Love Message 10/14

Daily Love Message:  Today, Spirit is saying to look at things from a higher perspective.  If you are single, don't get frustrated about being single.  I know it's easier said and done.  You may be ready to give up but don't give up before the miracle happens.  A lot of times, your person is healing and you could be doing healing as well even though you may think you don't need to heal from a trauma or something from your past that is still haunting you.  Timing really does play a big factor in love coming to you.  Do you really want to meet the love of your life while being unhealed and carrying this into your relationship, causing strife and issues and losing this person because they have strong boundaries and can't handle being with someone who isn't healed?  With my people that are in connections/relationships, this is saying again know that you will have the higher connection, babies, home, etc but right now is not the right time.  You don't know what challenge may be coming for the both of you and you are needing to know if the both of you can handle it before bringing something bigger into your life.  You need to trust in the process.  MESSAGE:  ENGAGE IN HIGHER REASONING!


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