Daily Love Message 10/13

Daily Love Message: You or the person that you are having feelings for is wearing a mask. For some of you, you’re not showing this person you like them for fear of rejection or not wanting to feel like an idiot. To attract love, you have to become vulnerable as if you keep your walls or guard up, you can’t let anything in. This is a disturbing concept to all because no one wants to get hurt. Loving someone is not hurtful, the lessons and fears are what hurts. So, sometimes you’re going to get it “right” and other times you are just going to learn a lesson. Don’t be to hard on yourself. For others, your person is tired of not being real with you and they are going to tell you how they are feeling. They just can’t take it anymore. Are you going to be ready to listen to what they have to say? MESSAGE: SOMEONE IS WEARING A MASK.


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