Daily Love Message 10/13

Daily Love Message:  Right now, to heal situations around you, you need to focus on love.  For some of you, you need to stop beating yourself up over what happened in the past.  You are constantly going over in your mind what happened with a connection that didn't work out and you are hurting yourself with negative talks.  You are needing to give yourself some self-love right now.  If the connection is meant for you, it will come back to you.  For others, you are letting a grudge hold you back from giving someone love in your life at this moment.  We don't know when we will be leaving this earthly plain so don't let minor things hold you back from the person you love and care about.  We all make mistakes.  Sometimes those mistakes are small, sometimes they're huge but you are needing to talk and try to work things out.  Yes, some things are very hard to forgive but even if you aren't able to look at this person again, you are needing to give love and forgiveness to the situation.  Only then, will you start to feel peace instead of the malice you feel in your heart.  MESSAGE:  FOCUS ON LOVE TODAY!


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