Daily Love Message 10/12

Daily Love Message:  Today, you have been letting your thoughts get the best of you when it comes to love.  You have been letting your worries that someone will not contact or that you will not have love in your life.  Spirit is saying that you need to let go of these thoughts as they are creating blocks for you to bring love or let this person into your life.  When you start to have these thoughts, change your thoughts.  Acknowledge that this person could be working on their healing or divine timing is working in this connection.  This person will come to you when the time is right.  At this time, you are being asked to focus on other things in your life and have faith that love will come to you or this connection will work itself out.  Trust that what is for you will come back to you and believe it.  If you are in a connection, this is saying that you will see that things will get better for you both.  There are energies trying to tear at your connection but you will see where how to defend your connection against these energies.  You both are going to need to work together at this time against it once you identify what is going on on.  MESSAGE:  YOU ARE GOING TO LIFT THESE BLOCKS SOON!


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