Daily Love Message 10/08

Daily Love Message:  Today, you will get some clarity on things concerning love.  For some of you, you have been wondering what's going on with a connection.  Why is this person not talking to you?  Should you even give this person a chance?  Do they like you?  Spirit is saying that things are going to be revealed to you when you have been lost for awhile.  Things had to take place before the answers would be revealed to you.  The person and you have been going through things you had to take care of.  Everything will work out and things will become peaceful again.  You have to have faith and trust that whoever is meant for you will come to you when the time is right.  For others, you are confused if you should stay with your current partner or walk away.  You are going to get clarity on what is right for you.  Sometimes we stay with people because we are scared of the unknown.  Sometimes we are to quick to walk away for selfish reasons.  Only you know what is the right answer and soon you will have them.  MESSAGE:  THINGS THAT WERE FOGGY WILL BECOME CLEAR!


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