Daily Love Message 10/07

Daily Love Message: Today you are being asked to go with the flow and stop forcing things when it comes to love. For some of you, you are trying to push your will on someone. Whether this is for them to come back in your life, talk to you or them to acknowledge you. You need to let the person use their own free will to decide if they want to come back to you. During this time, this person can be going through trials of their own and romantic love could be the last thing on their mind. Respect their journey and at this time focus on yourself and self love. When the time is right, they will come back to you and you will have either closure or a renewal of love. If you’re in a connection, know that things for your relationship will come so you don’t need to force it. You and your partner will get married, have the house, baby, etc. This is involving divine timing so be patient.  MESSAGE: GO WITH THE FLOW


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