Daily Love Message 10/01

Daily Love Message:  Welcome to October!  Are you making intentions for this month when it comes to love?  For today, you need to stop trying to control everything.  For some of you, you are trying to get someone's attention or wanting them to talk to you.  When it's the right time to talk to them, it will present themselves.  Stop throwing yourself at someone just to get them to notice you.  You are needing to have self confidence in yourself that you can attract anyone you want.  Divine timing is at play when it comes to your love life to attract what it is that your heart desires so you don't have to force it.  Just go with the flow.  Those in connections, the right time will come for the marriage, house, baby, engagement and so forth.  You don't have to keep pushing because you see other people doing it.  The timing may not be right at this time for those things to manifest.  You need to have faith that they will but DON'T FORCE IT or you will create delays and blocks to the timing.  MESSAGE:  LET THINGS FLOW!


➡️➡️➡️Does today's reading resonate with you?  Let me know in the comments!  Also, don't forget to go to my website, which has my prices for readings, the daily love and general readings just in case you miss it on social media and more.  So, what are you waiting for???🔮🔮🔮


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