Daily Love Message 1/5

Daily Love Message: Someone wants to make a confession to you but seems to be in their heads. For some of you, this person knows that they want to be with you. You have all the qualities that they want but they are letting their fears stop them. You just want to shake them and say “TELL ME ALREADY.” but you know that they have to overcome their fears (which is their lesson in itself). Your lesson could be patience or focusing on yourself until that times come. Yes, some people know what they want and are bold to take it. Others have dealt with traumas that prevent them from coming forward. Not everyone is brave, smooth or so forth. Discern if this person is for you. Spirit will help give signs if this person is for you. For those in a connection, your love is about to tell you something that will either make you very happy or very sad. Just know that everything happens for a reason and you have the strength to get through whatever is thrown at you. MESSAGE: A CONFESSION IS ABOUT TO BE MADE.


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